I have been very fortunate to find Terri Ward on my journey of recovery from a condition of extremely compromised health, which included multiple hormone deficiencies, multiple cases of toxic metal poisoning, an extreme number of food allergies including gluten cross-reactive foods and overgrowth of candida, giardia among other pathogens, among other health compromises.

I was extremely ill, had chronic pain body-wide, a very poor short-term memory, brain fog, depression, anxiety, sensitivity to cold, insomnia, skin rashes and a further list of symptoms and maladies as long as my arm, and yet regular doctors would not look deep enough to detect nor holistically treat the root causes of these issues, leaving me to spiral down in every way possible for 10 years, even as I begged them to consider the latest treatment protocols used by health practitioners like Terri.

With her guidance on cutting edge medical testing, various medical grade supplement protocols in conjunction with customised dietary guidelines for each phase of the treatment and healing process, I have experienced gradual turnaround of my health and have recovered to a point of well-being I thought I would never see again in this lifetime, with most of my symptoms either disappearing or reducing considerably in intensity. And the best part is that I am only halfway through the recovery plan and still have a lot of healing to look forward to under Terri’s guidance.

I can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Terri as an excellent functional nutritionist. The greatest gift you can give yourself is making the choice to take your health back and maximise your well-being using the invaluable scientific and medical insights Terri provides through her practice.

Two thumbs up from me.

Wade P