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  • Are you confused about which foods are truly healthy?
  • Are you unsure which foods are right for you?
  • Do dietary restrictions make shopping hard?


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  • Are you too busy to plan meals?
  • Are your family’s meals in a rut?
  • Do picky eaters or food allergies/sensitivities make meal planning difficult?


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  • Are you too busy to cook?
  • Are you rushing through feeding your family?
  • Would you like dinner time to be about connecting and having fun?




What people are saying...

When I met with Terri she was very flexible with our meeting time, thankfully. She was prepared and ready for our appointment. I was encouraged by her peaceful demeanor and her knowledge of bodily systems and functions. We had a great appointment and I left understanding myself and my body better. I would recommend Terri to my friends and family and anyone who needs to get to the root of their food allergies or intolerances. She is affordable, flexible, and knowledgeable.
Liesl Palmer

Food choices can promote health or disease…It’s your choice.