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Here’s a special message for every event planner who needs a professional speaker and doesn’t want to disappoint attendees.

A big problem event planners face when looking for speakers is that many speakers have great knowledge, but their delivery is ineffective.  And then there are the speakers who read the bullets from their slides…



 Attendees don’t just want to be presented with information; they want to be engaged and inspired!

 SO if you’re an event planner who needs an articulate, engaging speaker, then

 Terri Ward is exactly who you need.

 Terri’s presentations contain the latest breakthroughs – research that doctors didn’t learn in medical school.

 Your attendees will

1. Hear and see the latest science presented in plain English,

2. Gain relevant, useful insights,

3. Leave with valuable knowledge, inspired to take action

 …And much, MUCH more!

 And what makes this even better?

Terri uses powerful images, helpful charts and other resources to effectively deliver her message.

Because she understands the difficulty of your role as an event planner, Terri is prompt and responsive and will 

1. Support and promote your event on her website and in social media,

2. Be available to attendees afterwards for questions and

3. Never run over into another speaker’s time.

So again, if you need an articulate, engaging speaker, let Terri help you make your next event a success.

Understand this:

1. Your attendees will appreciate hearing this info first at your event.

2. People desperately need nutritional therapy because it works!

3. You’ll want to book your event with Terri before someone else does.

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Choose from these available speaking topics

Topics for Healthcare Professionals

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The Uncommonly Diagnosed Common Disease:  Celiac Disease

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Consider these alarming facts…

  • More than 80% of celiac disease is undiagnosed.
  • The prevalence rate is four times higher than 50 years ago.
  • In certain populations the prevalence rate can be as high as 55.5%.

Identification and diagnosis is difficult and complications can be fatal.  Thus, physician training is essential, yet 73% of family physicians felt inadequately trained in diagnosing and treating autoimmune diseases like celiac disease.

This evidence-based presentation provides clinicians with:

  • Clinical charts, information and references for identification, screening, testing and diagnosing celiac disease
  • Details necessary for distinguishing non-celiac gluten sensitivity and why a gluten-free diet is insufficient
  • The necessary components for proper healing and effective treatment of celiac disease

Topics for the Public

Gluten-free symbol no words

Gluten-Free 1-2-3: Why gluten-free is not a fad
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Why bother eating gluten-free?  Does it matter if it’s celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity?

Learn the answers to these questions and…

  • Why doctors miss diagnosing celiac disease more than 80% of the time
  • How gluten can be harmful
  • Ideas for stress-free eating at home
  • Safe gluten-free choices for dining out
  • How to eat gluten-free on a budget

Attendees will receive gluten-free recipes and menu ideas.

Are you addicted to sugar?

Why you have Sugar Cravings and How to Stop Them
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Do you crave sugar?  Do you feel like you need sugar to avoid feeling fatigued?

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The imbalances in the body that cause sugar cravings
  • Why most diet programs fail
  • How to stop your cravings and restore balance

What's in your food?

What Happened to Our Food?  The Health and Environmental Effects of Food Modifications
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In this interesting walk back through history, Terri illustrates how the Chemical Revolution, Green Revolution and Gene Revolution have affected the quality of the food we eat. Acknowledging that we cannot change history, Terri will inspire you to change the present and the future and arm you with the knowledge you need to become more mindful of the foods you purchase and eat.

You’ll learn:

  • The truth about how genetic engineering differs from hybridization
  • How threats to crop diversity threaten our health and environment
  • How agricultural practices have affected the nutrients in our food
  • How fermentation and other food processing affects our health

Attendees will receive a convenient shopping guide.

Diabetics must monitor their blood sugar.

The Diabetes Epidemic: How to Not Become a Statistic
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Did you know it is predicted that by 2023, 1 in 2 Americans will be affected by diabetes, yet only 10% will be diagnosed?

In this presentation you will learn how you can avoid becoming another diabetes statistic by

  • Debunking the myths that can make and keep you sick
  • Addressing the root cause of diabetes
  • Identifying insulin resistance and Metabolic Syndrome early
  • Using a seven-factor natural approach to diabetes

123rf-Healthy Snacking Girl no bkgrnd

4 Simple Steps to Training Kids to Love Healthy Foods
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Childhood obesity and diabetes are epidemic, but did you know that poor childhood eating habits can have other long-lasting effects on health in adulthood?

Armed with the right knowledge and commitment, parents have significant power to prevent those negative effects and to get their kids to willingly eat well.

In this presentation you will learn

  • How childhood eating affects health in adulthood
  • How to out-market the food industry so healthy foods are appealing
  • How to taste-train even the pickiest eaters

Attendees will recipe kid-tested, Terri approved recipes to make with kids.

Are you starving your brain?

The Truth About Fats: Are We Starving Our Brains?
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After being told to eat less fat and consuming an abundance of non-fat and low-fat food products, why have Americans gotten fatter?  Does eating fat and cholesterol really make us fat and cause heart disease?

Learn the answers to these questions and

  • The roles of fat and why we need healthful fats
  • The real culprit in the disease process
  • How much fat we need
  • Which fats are healthful and which aren’t

Is your heart a ticking time-bomb?

Are Statins a Scam?
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Do you find it startling that 25% of those over the age of 45 are prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs, with that number likely doubling and affecting kids too under the new guidelines?

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Who really benefits from these drugs
  • Side effects and dangers to watch out for
  • Why we need cholesterol and healthy fats
  • How to lower your cholesterol naturally

I'm always open to new ideas...

Custom Topics Available Upon Request
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Excellent! Terri’s message of health and using the power of nutrition to heal and prevent disease was a fantastic treat for our audience. She is a knowledgeable and relatable speaker, and people learned from her expertise on how to Improve energy. I highly recommend Terri as your speaker!
Michelle Brubaker

Host, Your Next Quantum Leap Summit

I’ve attended a formal seminar and health and wellness classes where Terri has presented. In my opinion she is the “complete package”: professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, engaging. Too many others with great knowledge are ineffective at passing it on because of how they deliver it.
Joe Lisac

Portland, Oregon

Terri Ward takes the complexity of holistic nutrition and transforms it into an easy to understand, engaging presentation. Individuals leave her events feeling empowered to take charge of their health as Terri’s passion and commitment are both evident and contagious.
Pat Fritzler

Event Coordinator, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

The 5 Best Ways to Take Back Your Health

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The 5 Best Ways to Take Back Your Health

Where can I send your FREE downloadable copy of


Take Back Your Health

5 Proven Steps to Go from Sick and Tired

to Alive and Inspired ?

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