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7 Superfoods with Sun Protection Powers

Who doesn't love the sun?  We all need vitamin D and it's best obtained from sun exposure.  But...we also know the sun can damage our skin and have heard that sunburns increase our risk of skin cancer.  Unfortunately, the toxic chemicals in most sunscreens contribute...

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Cuddles and Coughs

Who can say no to a three-year-old who feels miserable and wants to snuggle? Who doesn’t get sick after a three-year-old coughs in her face for two days? Not me! That’s me with my three-year-old grandson, Collin, and full on chills and body aches. Yesterday I had both...

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7 Unexpected Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Did you know that 52% of annual weight gain occurs over the holidays?  Taking a walk when you’re tempted to indulge and standing by the veggie tray instead of the fudge are good tips, but here are some uncommon holiday tips to help you prevent that holiday bulge and...

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Too Much Halloween Candy? Switch Witch to the Rescue!

After eliminating food allergens from my granddaughters' Halloween treasures, my daughter, Shelley, always tries to confiscate her girls' candy and ration it out over time. Last year her youngest, Hadley who was three at the time, managed to stash some of hers before...

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Terri Ward, MS, FNTP, CGP
Terri Ward helps people struggling with food allergies, autoimmune disease, and other chronic diseases. Clients around the globe come to Terri sick, tired, confused and frustrated by previous, failed advice. Terri shares her powerful lessons connecting Scripture and science, helping them go from feeling sick and tired to alive and inspired with abundant energy to fulfill their life’s purpose. Get in touch to engage Terri’s talents today and take back your life. She’ll tell you, with no commitment involved, whether she can help you. (503) 332-2669 or tward@terriward.com