After working all day do you wonder, “What’s for dinner?” and then not eat as healthy as you’d like?

Hi.  My name is Terri Ward. If you want to succeed with enjoying fast, easy meals that are delicious and nutritious, then pay very close attention!

Many busy people suffer from the idea that home-cooked meal prep is a struggle.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

So, if you’re a busy person with little time to plan and cook meals, then Done-for-You Dinner Plans is exactly what you’re looking for.

My fast, easy dinner plans will provide the tools you need to start enjoying delicious, healthy meals at home with no gluten, dairy, soy, or refined sugar.

Done-for-You Dinner Plans

will help you:


Connect with family while savoring delicious meals made with healthy ingredients that even your kids will love.


Never get bored eating the same old foods and instead enjoy a variety of flavorful options.


Eliminate the normal struggle at mealtime by having a easy to follow plan and routine.


Save money on your next food bill and make the most efficient use of your time in the kitchen.


Delight in having a healthy dinner on the table in less time than it takes to drive to and from the restaurant and wait on your food.


Eliminate most allergens for those who need it while those who don’t won’t even notice what’s missing.

Create memories with meals…

Never again deal with feeling like you haven’t planned ahead and don’t know what to cook!

Which means eating restaurant meals made with unhealthy ingredients and cooking methods is a thing of the past.

Imagine not being stuck with having different family members eating different meals…

And best of all…You can get started right away with Done-for-You Dinner Plans for less than the cost of a dinner out on the town!

So if you’re a busy person who has little time to plan and cook meals, understand this:

Your food choices can promote health or disease.

These meals were created with your health in mind, by a certified functional nutritional therapist with a Masters Degree in human nutrition and functional medicine.

Terri’s Done-for-You Dinner Plans make it easier than ever to get healthy meals on the table in minutes!

What You Will Receive:


  • Dinner Menus delivered to your Inbox every Saturday morning
  • Recipes for the dishes in the menus
  • Tips for saving time and money
  • Shopping lists
Terri Ward cutting vegetables



if you buy now.

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