Halloween Switch Witch in lieu of candyAfter eliminating food allergens from my granddaughters’ Halloween treasures, my daughter, Shelley, always tries to confiscate her girls’ candy and ration it out over time. Last year her youngest, Hadley who was three at the time, managed to stash some of hers before her mom got it. When Shelley noticed Hadley eating candy she asked her where she got it and then asked exactly how much candy she had stashed. I had to laugh when she replied, “Oh! Mountains!”

If you have a candy-stasher or simply don’t want your child’s Halloween bounty promoting tooth decay, poor health, obesity or attention problems, Switch Witch is a clever idea that will make everyone happy. This short video will explain and I’ve provided a link below for ordering a Switch Witch package on Amazon that comes complete with a doll, cauldron (witch’s kettle) and storybook.

For years now I’ve been the party pooper that gives out 100% fruit snacks rather than candy.  This year I plan to paint one of my pumpkins teal so that kids with food allergies know our house is safe and I will provide options like stickers or glow sticks depending on what I find at the Dollar Tree.

If you have any other suggestions, please share them.