Who can say no to a three-year-old who feels miserable and wants to snuggle? Who doesn’t get sick after a three-year-old coughs in her face for two days? Not me!

That’s me with my three-year-old grandson, Collin, and full on chills and body aches. Yesterday I had both grandsons and all three of us had fevers. My son’s family has had the crud going through their household since last week and none of them are completely over it. When Collin went to the doctor on Wednesday, they learned it was the flu and that it has been hitting people pretty hard.

Unlike the others, I’m happy to report that I’ve rebounded after about 42 hours. It’s not like we are never going to succumb to a virus, what’s important is how quickly we rebound. Thankfully my immune system is well supported and responsive and thus, processed the virus quickly so I rebounded quickly.

So what did I do to rebound so quickly? Well…as soon as I felt like I was getting sick, I went to my supplement cabinet. That’s it in the photo. People are very impressed when I pull it out. First because it’s such a cool cabinet; then because of all the different supplements I have in it. And that’s my supplement cabinet. My husband’s supplements occupy a shelf in another cabinet. I don’t Terri Ward's Supplement Cabinettake all of those everyday, but when I think I’m getting sick or am sick, I take a handful of about a dozen tablets and capsules to give my body the extra support it needs to fight the virus.

My husband used to get sick fairly often and when he gets sick, it goes to his chest, easily turning into pneumonia. He used to be sick for at least a week and need (or think he needed) antibiotics to get well. A few years ago he was down for a month missing three whole weeks of work. Another time, he wouldn’t accept any of the fluids I offered and ended up in the emergency room on IV fluids. That was getting really old so I started pushing supplements on him as soon as he said he wasn’t feeling well.

Initially, it literally required pushing because he wasn’t eager to take a handful of supplements. Since it worked so well and so quickly though, now he asks me to “load him up”.

As easy as it would have been to stay in bed and veg all day yesterday, I forced myself to get up to take my supplements and to drink mineral water, chicken bone broth and elderberry tea. As much as I’ve tried, I can’t get the boys to drink much of anything except water. Unfortunately, they don’t quite understand the power of nutritional therapy yet, but I’m working on them. Hopefully they’ll get lots of rest at home this weekend and be ready to go back to school on Monday so this Yia Yia can get back to work too.