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Smokin’ Barbie – Barbecue Seasoning

Smokin’ Barbie – Barbecue Seasoning


Introducing Smokin’ Barbie, a tantalizing barbecue seasoning that blends smoky with sweet and salty. Reminiscent of a summer barbecue, this barbecue seasoning is perfect for grilling, roasting, or snacking.

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Smokin' Barbie barbecue seasoning will remind you of summer cookouts. Infused with the alluring smokiness of organic smoked paprika, this spice blend captures the essence of barbecue with every sprinkle. Moreover, the deep, rich flavor of smoked paprika harmonizes beautifully with the other ingredients. Himalayan pink salt adds depth and enhances the overall taste, while organic coconut sugar imparts a subtle sweetness. Ultimately, the balance of smoky, savory, and sweet is truly exceptional.

In addition, organic tomato powder adds a tangy and slightly sweet note to the blend, complementing the smoky flavors and enhancing the overall complexity. The organic mustard powder contributes a subtle hint of sharpness. The organic onion powder and organic garlic powder bring their aromatic profiles to the forefront, intensifying the savory character of Smokin' Barbie.

Not only is Smokin' Barbie barbecue seasoning versatile, it is loved by all ages. Whether it's for your backyard cookouts, family gatherings, or movie-night popcorn, this barbecue seasoning is perfect.

Create a flavor explosion by mixing it in your burger patties, or sprinkling it on succulent grilled meats, vibrant roasted vegetables, or your favorites snacks for an addictive twist.


  • Organic coconut sugar
  • Himayan pink salt
  • Organic smoked paprika
  • Organic tomato powder
  • Organic mustard powder
  • Organic onion powder
  • Organic garlic powder

Additional Information:
The large jar measures 5.25" high and 1.625" in diameter.
The pouch measures 8" high x 5" wide x 2.5" thick.
Both the large jar and pouch contain 4.6 ounces of Smokin'Barbie.


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