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Herbie – AIP Low-FODMAP Herbal Seasoning

Herbie – AIP Low-FODMAP Herbal Seasoning


HerbieTM is a delicious, all-purpose herbal seasoning that was specifically created for AIP and low-FODMAP diets. Most customers buy it for its versatility and tasty balance of peppery, earthy, and sweet herbs.

HerbieTM is a fragrant and savory, all-purpose herbal seasoning created for friends and clients following the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) and/or low-FODMAP diets. The peppery oregano is softened by earthy sage and balanced with sweet basil and marjoram to create a flavor sensation in your mouth. Use Herbie as a rub for whole cuts of chicken, beef, or pork, or to season marinades, meatballs, pasta dishes, or vegetables.

Most all-purpose seasonings have onion, garlic, and/or nightshades. Herbie has none of those, but is still delicious enough to appeal to everyone. A lot of customers who buy Herbie don't need to eliminate those things or even know that Herbie is an AIP Low-FODMAP Herbal Seasoning.

Herbie is a great choice as one of the three blends in one of our three-jar gift boxes. Consider this as an alternative to a bottle of wine as a hostess, housewarming, or anniversary gift. With natural and organic ingredients, this blend will become your new go-to all-ipurpose herb seasoning.

Use this versatile, multipurpose seasoning on vegetables, chicken, beef, and pork, in marinades, meatballs, and pasta dishes.


  • Organic oregano
  • Organic sage
  • Organic basil
  • Organic marjoram
  • Himalayan pink salt

Additional Information:
The large jar measures 5.25" high and 1.625" in diameter.
The pouch measures 8" high x 5" wide x 2.5" thick.
Both the large jar and pouch contain 2.3 ounces of Herbie.