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The Healing Diverticulitis Cookbook


Diverticulitis is a common medical problems and one of the most common diagnoses made in the emergency room. Unfortunately, the right information needed for healing is not as common. The Healing Diverticulitis Cookbook provides expert guidance from the latest research and recipes for each stage of your healing journey.

Take back your health with this guide and cookbook.

This cookbook also provides:

  • A multi-phase meal plan to help you reduce inflammation, manage flare-ups, and move through the flare-up and healing phases to the maintenance phase.
  • 80 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes,  many that are compatible with comorbidities like IBS and type 2 diabetes.
Praise for The Healing Diverticulitis Cookbook

“Using a wide variety of colorful, microbiota-friendly, and delicious plant foods, Terri Ward has done an excellent job marrying great taste, ease of creation, and health enrichment in this recipe book. If you’re suffering from diverticular disease and are unsure what to eat—get this book!” —Dr. Jason Hawrelak, ND, Ph.D., FACN, FNHAA; naturopath and gut health researcher