Creating memories with meals...

Is your family eating real food at family dinners or are you stuck in the Standard American (S.A.D.) rut?
Do you struggle to find the time to plan and prepare healthy dinners or just not know where to start?

Do your family dinners need to be resurrected?

If any of these sounds like you…

Let Terri Ward, NTP help you create memories with meals and eliminate the “What’s for dinner?” dilemma with a customized Fun Family Cooking Party.
Here’s What You Get…

  1. A meal planning session to select 2 weeks of customized menus
  2. A Fun Family Cooking Party designed to accommodate each family member’s culinary abilities*
  3. 10 ready-to-go entrees for 2 weeks of weeknight family dinners in a flash (Food costs are not included.)
          *Geographic restrictions apply.  See FAQs below.

If you’re time-challenged…No problem!

  • A Fun Family Cooking Party is not just a great time to connect and have a blast.  It is an upfront investment of time that will pay you back in spades on weeknights.
  • The freezer meals can be put in the refrigerator the night before to defrost.  Put it in the crockpot before work or start cooking it while you and the kids prepare a couple fast, easy sides from the menu and voila!  It’s dinner in a flash.
  • In less time than you can drive to a restaurant, wait for your food and drive back home, your family will be sitting down together enjoying a delicious, healthful meal and connecting with intimate conversations that don’t happen in a restaurant or the drive-thru.
  • A lack of planning is costly.  There are the immediate costs of wasted food sitting in the refrigerator and extra gas as well as the long-term cost of consuming unhealthy restaurant foods.  Let’s face it – restaurants control costs by using lower quality ingredients.  Good luck finding a safe restaurant if you can’t have soybean oil.
                                                     Culinary-challenged...No problem!
  • A Fun Family Cooking Party will help you discover or rediscover how fun and easy cooking can be.
  • Whether you’re a gourmet chef or just getting familiar with the kitchen, you’ll find luscious, tasty dishes for every skill level.  There are lots of things the kids can prepare and Terri will be there to guide you. 
  • See how easy it is to go from packaged foods to real foods.  No more unhealthy fats, excess sodium, MSG, preservatives, hormones, chemicals or artificial flavors or colors – just real, healthy whole foods to nourish your family.
                  Food allergies, food sensitivities or dietary restrictions...No problem!
  • Because Terri has several food allergies and sensitivities herself and even more in her family, working around dietary restrictions is second nature to Terri.
  • The menus are already free of the top allergens, but your menus will be completely customized to accommodate your special dietary needs as well as personal preferences.
                                                            Picky eaters...No problem! 
  • The menus are customized from recipes that are Kid-Tested and Terri-Approved.  Kids love to help in the kitchen and to eat what they helped prepare.
  • The transition to healthy eating is easy with Terri’s recipes.  They’re so yummy no one will notice what’s missing.
  • One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is to teach them how to cook healthy food.  It is a gift that keeps on giving! 
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Sample Themes

- International Infusion

- Mediterranean Mix

- Soups on!

- Kids' Favorites

- Crockpot Creations

- Mix 'n Match

Sample Entrees

- Chicken Curry
  with Veggies
- Tomato-Olive
  Baked Cod
- Potato-Leek
- Chicken-Apple
- Perfect Pot
- Zucchini Pasta
  w/Pesto Sauce

Here's What Studies Show About Family Meals …

Family meals can protect your kids against

  • Obesity
  • Eating disorders
  • High-risk behavior and
  • Nutritional deficiencies
Family meals can
  • Give your kids positive social skills
  • Ease the stress of daily living and
  • Provide a chance for connecting and strengthening family relationships
                                                           What are you waiting for?  Let's have some fun!
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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Do the menus accommodate vegans or vegetarians?
Do you have sample menus?
How old do the kids need to be to participate?
What if my spouse or teen doesn’t want to participate?
What kinds of parties for other than families do you offer?
In what areas are the parties available?