Personalized Nutritional Consulting

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” ~ Hippocrates 460 B.C.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is based on the concept that given proper nourishment and care, our bodies are designed to heal themselves and restore balance. By assessing your current health status and nutritional deficiencies that may cause disease and zap your energy and vitality, we’ll get to the root of what’s going on in your body. Then we’ll develop a customized plan with dietary and lifestyle recommendations and provide you with the tools and support you need to restore balance and achieve your health goals. We will work closely together to ensure your plan not only meets your nutritional needs, but also fits your lifestyle.

My approach is holistic and based on the concepts that food is our best medicine and each of us is biochemically different. Thus, I do not advocate any one specific diet, but rather a properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole food diet consisting of foods and nutrients that are right for your unique needs.

With 70 to 80% of the immune system in the gut, doesn’t what we put in there deserve a lot more attention?

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Primary Services:

  • A comprehensive health assessment and nutritional evaluation to determine your nutritional deficiencies and imbalances (Included with any program of 3 months or more)
  • One-on-one nutritional counseling tailored to meet your needs
  • Customized meal plans and recipes
  • Coaching and support to help you reach your goals
  • Education and handouts specific to your health goals on topics such as
      • How to Eat Healthy in Restaurants
      • Why Can’t I Lose Weight?
      • How to Test Yourself for Food Allergies and Intolerances
      • How to Sort Out Marketing from the Truth in Food Labeling
      • Good Fats/Bad Fats
      • Good Carbs/Bad Carbs
      • Good Proteins/Bad Proteins

Packages include:

  • Admission to any classes or events during your enrollment period
  • Access to any webinars during your enrollment period
  • Weekly health tips and newsletter subscription
  • Periodic evaluations to monitor your progress

Other Services/Fun Stuff (available a la carte):

  • Pantry and refrigerator clean-out
  • Farmers market tour
  • Supermarket tour and grocery shopping tips
  • Cooking classes, nutrition and wellness classes, and webinars
  • Group detox/cleanse program

Science-based, unbiased nutritional guidance and lifestyle recommendations

will set you on the right path to optimal health and wellness.